Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Employee Benefits Self-Insurance

We Take Healthcare Personally

At ECA, we work with our clients to develop plans that fit their specific business models both in terms of cost and in the vitally important area of recruiting and retaining qualified staff at every level of the organization. Employee benefit programs are much more than an expense item on a ledger. Rather, they are an essential element to an employer’s overall compensation package.

We understand that there are people behind the numbers. Working with ECA, you’re partnering with a consultant that gives you:

  • Personal Influence on your benefits portfolio,
  • Personal Control over your vendors and costs, and
  • Personal Guidance on difficult claims and portfolio options

Objective Transparency

No matter your position – CEO, Superintendent, City Manager, HR Director, Director of Finance, or Administrative Assistant – understanding employee benefits can be overwhelming. Health Care Reform has drastically changed the landscape of employee benefit programs, and continues to do so. Staying abreast of ever-changing legislation, focusing on corporate compliance and continuing to educate employees on their benefits package is no easy task. ECA partners with our clients as an extension of staff to give objective advice, through transparent policies and comprehensive education.

A Letter from Our President

Growing up in the latter part of the baby-boom and having been born of the generation that led the nation and much of the world through the Second World War, I often heard my parents say that the only contract needed from a person of integrity was their good name and handshake. Simply put, a person’s word was their bond and you could either take it to the bank or you didn’t do business with them.

Conducting business in this manner may seem a quaint throwback to a simpler time. However, at ECA we believe that, regardless of how many pages the written contract requires, partnerships ultimately comes down to that same good name and handshake. It is exactly for this reason that ECA bears my family name. In short, placing that name on our letterhead was my way of extending a handshake to those who we are honored to serve.

We take pride in partnering with our clients to develop forward thinking solutions to address the challenges and opportunities before them today, and those which tomorrow will surely bring. If you are a current client, we wish to take this opportunity to reaffirm just how much we value the trust you have placed in us. And, if you are considering us as your employee benefits broker, we look forward to working with you and your organization with the same level of dedication and professional integrity that have become our hallmarks. You can take that to the bank – you have my word on it.