Employee Benefits Consulting & Brokerage

Areas of Expertise

Medical & Prescription Drug Coverage

In today’s market, there is an array of medical and prescription drug benefit options available to employers of all sizes. What option works best for any employer depends on their unique business model. ECA has expertise in offering solutions using the following medical benefit structures:

  • Indemnity
  • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO)
  • Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO)
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP)

Dental & Vision Options

ECA works directly with clients to determine the dental benefit structure that best meets their needs. Dental benefit offerings include:

  • Indemnity
  • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO)
  • Voluntary Plans


Life/AD&D coverage is a cost effective (relatively low premium cost) benefit that employers can provide to their work force. Most programs offer guaranteed coverage amounts regardless of current or past medical conditions. Employers can provide the benefit at no cost to the employee or voluntary plans can be offered where the employee picks up the cost of their own coverage. Life/AD&D offerings include:

  • Group
  • Dependent Life
  • Voluntary Plans


Disability coverage provides income replacement for employees who are unable to work due to an illness or injury which has rendered them disabled either temporarily or permanently. Employers looking to offer disability protection have a multitude of options with regards to waiting periods (time period before income replacement begins) , percent of income levels (50%, 66%, 75% of salary) and how long benefits last. Generally, a program can be developed to meet every employers needs. Two (2) Disability coverage options are available:

  • Short-Term Disability
  • Long-Term disability

ECA can provide Disability benefits through numerous avenues such as conventional insurance, partially self-funded programs and public entity pools.

Funding Mechanisms – You Have Options

Conventional Insurance Programs

Placement of conventional insurance products from the simplest group Life insurance policy to the most complex minimum premium and retrospectively rated arrangements requires knowledgeable and properly licensed professionals. ECA is authorized to place business with major employee benefits insurance providers and our staff holds all required state insurance licenses for the types of policies placed on behalf of our clients. Products available for consulting services through ECA include:

  • Medical and Prescription Drug
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Disability
  • Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

Partially Self-Funded Benefits Programs

Partial self-insurance is a benefit financing technique under which the employer effectively operates its own small insurance company in order to enhance their control over program coverages, improve plan design, lower operating costs and share in any surplus funds that may develop over time. ECA specializes in designing, implementing and evaluating self-funded employee benefit programs for our clients’ Medical/Rx, Dental, Vision, and Disability programs. ECA services related to partially self funded benefit programs include:

  • Plan design
  • Operational document drafting
  • Budget and rate development
  • Meeting planning and operation
  • Vendor selection and supervision
  • Stop-loss and ancillary insurance placement

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Public Entity Pools

Public sector clients (cities, counties, special districts, K-12 schools, community colleges, universities, etc.) often enjoy statutory authority to come together to jointly fund and operate multiple employer programs (commonly referred to as “pools”) to provide employee benefits. ECA is particularly experienced and adept in all major areas of employee benefit pool operations and offers services including.

  • Pool formation feasibility studies
  • Organization document drafting
  • Regulatory filings & compliance
  • Out-sourced pool management
  • Underwriting
  • Stop-loss/reinsurance placement

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