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Employee Benefits Consulting

Employee Benefits Consultants

A Premier Public & Private Employer Consultant

ECA has provided consulting services on employee benefits portfolios to public and private sector organizations throughout Arizona for nearly 25 years servicing over 15,000 plan participants statewide.

Workplace Wellness Consulting

Workplace Wellness Programs

Certified Workplace Wellness Programs

In addition to our focus on employee benefits, we utilize a three-pronged approach to Wellness program implementation which includes Early Detection, Lifestyle and Chronic Disease Management.

Regulatory Compliance

Health Care Reform Consultants

Empowerment Through Education

Multiple resources at your fingertips to guide you through Health Care Reform, open enrollment, COBRA/HIPAA, Section 125 and other issues related to your employee benefits portfolio.

What We Do

In today’s dynamic business environment, managers of public and private enterprises alike require solutions to challenges that already confront them as well as those that are just around the corner.

From inception, ECA has focused on providing professional risk management services to public and private sector organizations throughout Arizona. If there is a single factor that has most contributed to our success, it is that we go beyond simply partnering with our clients and instead strive to become an extension of their staffs. Key to this approach, our areas of focus include:

Our Strategy

Traditional insurance is not for everyone. Many of the clients serviced by ECA have chosen to create self-insured or self-funded employee benefits programs. As your employee benefits consultant, we present multiple options for your benefits portfolio and provide objective input on the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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It has long been said that there is no greater aid to a good night’s sleep than money in the bank. ECA believes that a well-funded plan, with low operating costs and a solid contingency fund, help our clients weather the financial storms that periodically roil the waters of employee benefit plans.

ECA’s staff come from a broad range of professional backgrounds including Human Resources, Risk Management, insurance industry, hospitality, banking, manufacturing, health promotion and government contractor. We are proud of the diverse professional backgrounds our employees bring to the table and the ability it gives us to review challenges from various perspectives. For this reason, we are able to anticipate a range of issues and to work to help achieve the client’s business objectives.

It is almost intuitive that healthy employees use fewer benefits and therefore are less expensive. In addition, we believe they are more likely to be at work more often and to be more productive when there. With this in mind, ECA works with our clients to implement targeted health promotion activities in areas including early detection, lifestyle modification and chronic disease management in an effort to keep employees healthy, at work – and working!

Experience has shown that ECA is best able to represent clients who are themselves knowledgeable. ECA works hard to insure that our clients have a solid understanding of the inner workings of their plans. For this reason, we are strong proponents of continuing education from credible sources ranging from industry groups to independent subject matter experts.

ECA believes that all compensation received by ECA (and all other vendors) should be disclosed and agreed to by the client. ECA derives the lion’s share of its revenue from fee income and we work diligently on behalf of our clients to eliminate undisclosed revenues from all vendor contracts. This not only reduces plan operating costs, but reassures clients of the integrity of their vendors.

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